Achievement Hunting 101


Level 181 - The 2021 AH101 Chievies!

January 13, 2022

This Week's Presenters:

Master of Ceremonies - rawkerdude aka Corey
Master of Sales - Kooshmoose aka Nate
Master of Sandwiches - Big Ell aka Ell
Master of Baiting - FuFuCuddilyPoof aka Kenny

This week's show is dedicated to our very own award show, the 2021 Chievies!  Our lovely patrons supplied the nominations and the entire community voted for the winners!

Nominees Included:

Forza Horizon 5
The Gunk
Halo Infinite
Moving Out
Project Winter???
Psychonauts 2

We talked about games coming....real soon, read many milestones about your 2021, and shockingly started a new veiner contest!
No really. Project Winter was nominated for several things. I am not making this up.


xNeo21x is joining in on the contest creation and would like to introduce the 2022 Year of the Veiner. (1:53:27)

Year of the Veiner spreadsheet -

The latest Genre’lly Speaking with Elroy and Matrarch goes off the rails!  Will they be able to take the audience down a very limited path, one that the audience does not control?  Whatever happens, it has to make more sense than sandbox.

Trax, Scalextrix, Crimson Dragon, Yaris, Laserlife, Rambo: The Game (2:00:59)

After being challenged last week by rawkerdude, Wakapeil picked up and has completed the game Infinite Beyond the Mask.....word to the wise, don't make silly challenges like this unless you are prepared to lose.  (2:44:59


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Intro music provided by Exe the Hero. Check out his band Window of Opportunity on Facebook and YouTube

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