Achievement Hunting 101


Level 102 - It’s Maneater or ManBeEaten

We're setting sail after our live episode 101. Big Ell rows in another completion. Fufu is out to sea and doesn't have much time for gaming. Koosh is moving on from Moving Out and tacks his way to a new crop of games. Rawker goes on a Royale cruise with Waka as his captain and dines on some fine Cuisine before landing the big one.

VulgarLatin is joined by Michelle in this weeks It Came from Game Pass *spooky sounds*. They talk about the game "Clustertruck", find out if it was something you should play for a clusterfu....... (1:32:07)

In a new episode of Milestone Musings, Elroy interviews pTartTx on her completion milestones. Which game will she choo-choo-choose for her 500th? (1:48:56)

The bestest, fluffiest, and strongest wookiee returns to give us a rundown of what is happening in the CCC (please let me keep my arms, I need them to not earn achievements with) (2:56:56)

AH101 Game Club is Back with Dreamfall chapter 3! Play it. Love it. (3:08:23)

Games discussed:
Cuisine Royale
Milo's Quest
Moving Out
Saints Row the Third
Toejam and Earl: Back in the Groove!



This weeks panel....EVERYONE!

For this special episode, join the entire AH101 crew as they celebrate, reminisce, and cringe over all their accomplishments (and epic fails) from the past 101 episodes. Far from resting on their laurels, though, the crew is excited to see what the future holds! Everybody, THIS is Achievement Hunting 101!

(Side note, because this was a live stream you will hear twitch alerts and funky background noises. Sorry for the lower quality on this episode as opposed to our other work. After this week we will be back to the high quality podcast you have come to know and love) 

Chapter 2 of the Dreamfall AH101 Game Club with Wakapeil! (2:28:49)


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Level 100 - Mixer? Hardly Knew Her!

This week's panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, FuFuCuddilyPoof, & rawkerdude

In shocking news, Mixer is no more. Hear our thoughts on this major piece of news. Ell plays some more Ratalaika gems. Koosh has some adventures in Fairyland. Corey has some fun with Invisible, and Injustice is free for all.

We answer some more community questions, have some fun with autotune, and give you more of what you've come to expect from your favorite Achievement Hunting podcast! Here is to 100 more episodes!

VulgarLatin (rookie host) reviews the new Ratalaika game Radio Squid (1:38:45)

Survey says and LEVEL 101 SPECIAL SUPER DUPER ULTRA TURBO MEGA CHAMPIONSHIP live stream details. (1:44:29)

Everyone's two favorite millionaires are back to talk about their road to 1,000,000 Gamerscore in this edition of Milestone Musings. (1:49:54)

Exe, Elroy, and Chewie reflect on their favorite 100 point achievements. Elroy gives a detailed history of the Double Dragon series, Exe revisits the time his then-future-wife compromised his email and Xbox profile, and Chewie is reminded of the horrible, horrible things he's seen.

Special note from Exe and Elroy: Thanks for listening to us talk about ACA Neogeo games for the past 2 years. We promise that today's VSS will be the last time we ever discuss them! (2:46:32)

Join Waka as he goes into the first chapter of the Dreamfall Game Club! (3:30:51)

Games Discussed:

Castle Pals
Concept Destruction
Doug Hates His Job
Many Faces
Mowin & Throwin
Oliver’s Adventures in the Fairyland
One Night Stand
Pity Pit
Random Heroes
Reed 2
Thy Sword
West of Dead

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Level 99 - Two and a Half Millionaires

This weeks panel: ElroyOMJ, Exe the Hero, ChewieOnIce

Two and a half millionaires lead the panel this week to discuss their gaming regrets, changing attitudes, and memorable moments. Additionally, they talk about which game sequels are acceptable copy/pastes, some newly announced Xbox Series X games, horrible daily login achievements, the rebirth of classic franchises, and... for some reason... what their underwear looks like.

ElroyOMJ reviews the game Mekorama (1:19:40)

Chewie, Elroy, and Matrarch return with two back to backs. It's a back to back to back to back.(1:30:51)

Elroy return yet again for another review for Thy Sword. (3:03:31)

For Waka's weird wonder this week he talks about Caveman Warriors. (3:16:27)


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Games discussed: 

Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Banjo Kazooie
Cars 2
Dead Island
Dino Crisis
Freakout: Calamity TV Show
Ghostwire: Tokyo
Gnomes Garden
Hitman 3
Joy Ride Turbo
Lost Artifacts
Noir Chronicles: City of Crime
Resident Evil Village
Watch Dogs 2

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Level 98 - Minecraft Dungeons and Dunkaroos

This week's panel - Big Ell, FuFuCuddilyPoof, Kooshmoose, & rawkerdude5012

This week's panel gets back together to discuss their hair and finally get around to some achievements in games they've been playing. Ell breaks up his gaming challenge schedule with wafers of Ratalaika quickies. FuFu pinwheels Car Mechanic Simulator but ends up grinding some gears. Koosh attempts to clear out some games before they go away in the latest snowball of game pass departures. Rawker takes a deep dunkaroo dive into the most recent veiner. Then the gang gets distracted and talks about Minecraft Dungeons.

Devin and Michelle have a new monthly segment and it is coming from game pass.

Exe reviews the second visual novel from Ratalaika, Blind Men.

Elroy interviews DannyJJ14 in this episode of faces of GTASC.

Vulgar reviews Concept Destruction.

Waka has a new game club in the works! 

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Level 97 - Patrick Warboatin’

This week's panel - ElroyOMJ, Exe the Hero, & Vulgar Latin

The Tenacious Trio is back to celebrate Vulgar Latin's formal debut. The three discuss what's been good, bad, and grindy for them this past week before answering a lengthy series of community questions. Elroy delivers his last ever (we can only hope...) gtasc recap, while Exe and Vulgar play angel and devil on his shoulders in terms of competing again.

It's that time of the month and Kooshmoose delivers the good news that is winners of the Gamertag Challenge and Patreon drawings as well as details on June's GTC.

The wookie returns as ChewieOnIce breaks down his Championship of Challenges as well as dishes out new ones!

Elroy's voices graces us once more this episode to give us the low down on Woodle Tree 2: Deluxe+. I wonder how the game tree-ted him?

Wakapeil rounds the show by letting us know how and more importantly when to play the worst zombie survival game (spoiler alert: it's soon!).  


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Level 96 - Just Tappp It In…Tap Tap Taparoo!

This week's panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, FuFuCuddilyPoof, & rawkerdude

GTASC semi finalist Rawkerdude is back! Hear all about his GTASC experience! The highs and lows! Ell played an ACA game and ate pieces of sh&% for breakfast! Koosh played some Moving Out and asked the furniture "Are you too good for your home???" Kenny geeked out over the Tony Hawk 1&2 announcement! He also misses Twisted Metal! The screams of "You're gonna die clown!" echoed through Kenny's basement! Did Kooshmoose have a beard while playing Minecraft Dungeons? Kooshmoose DID have a beard!

Wakapeil reviews The Darwin Project. (1:59:45)

Games Discussed:

ACA NeoGeo 3 Count Bout
Borderlands 3
Golf with Friends
Island Saver
The Maw
Minecraft Dungeons
Moving Out
Nidhogg 2
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
The Price is Wrong, Bi%$h
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1&2
Vambrace: Cold Soul


Level 95 - DayZ of our Lives

Elroy, Fufu, Exe and Vulgar (Is he still here?!) come together for an exciting episode. Elroy shares the GTASC struggles, Fufu shares his Reach stories, Vulgar yawns through a zombie apocalypse, and Exe shares his retirement games. Vulgar gets his first gun to his head! Questions are asked and hilarity ensues. Do people still read past this point? If you do, post "What a funny halo story, Kenny!" in the discord.


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Level 94 - Getting Serious about Series X

This week's panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, Matrarch, & Vulgar Latin

We welcome back Vulgar Latin...again. The recent AH101 mainstay wouldn't DARE do his Big Ell impression in the same panel as Big Ell, would he?

KooshMoose gets hives....but not in the way you might think. Matrarch gets sacred during quarantine....but not in the way you might think. Vulgar talks about Star Wars: The Fallen Order...but not in the way you might think. Big Ell gets carried in multiple co-op games....and it's exactly in the way you might think.

We also take an in-depth look at the recent Inside Xbox series of trailers for new games such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Madden NFL 21 as we prepare ourselves for Xbox Series X!

Waka checks out Hyperdot for GTASC. 

Games Discussed:

ACA King of Fighters 2001
Access Denied
Hive Jump
Sacred 3
Star Wars: The Fallen Order
Streets of Rage 4
Super Box Demake
Zumba Kids


Level 93 - Who Shot First at the Karaoke Bar

It was the best of podcasts, it was the worst of podcasts. A podcast of wisdom. A podcast of foolishness. ElroyOMJ hosts a
panel full of people that really have never done a panel before. Will they rise to the occasion or will they poop the bed akin to Waka at GTASCTT cutoff earlier that morning?
Guest hosts Dinobull, Vulgar Latin, and Chewie on Ice all join ElroyOMJ as they maintain the tradition like no other as they ask one another what they have been playing. Turns out there COULD be a magical karaoke bar in Yakuza 0 that will have you singing about the TA difference. All panelists then make an important announcement, except for DInobull (who had not really played any games, either), and a heated debate breaks out regarding a beloved character’s height. Next, ElroyOMJ reveals that he might be close to breaking even on Game Pass and each of the panelists weigh in to how they are faring with the service. Inside Xbox is this week, and other than some amazing jokes about Rainbow Six by Vulgar Latin, the panelists really do not care. Questions are then asked, and Vulgar doubles down by pulling a gun out. Dinobull has an amazing sales update for everyone that is on par with his announcement and games played portion.
In the latter portion of the podcast, Game Pass changes and new Games with Gold are discussed before Elroy discusses the stupid GTASCtt and Chewie pours one out on the ground for his homies. About a hundred milestones are then announced with a special appearance by Big Ell. The episode concludes with the guest panelists showing that they are as terrible at trivia as Dinobull is at discussing games he has played, making announcements, and giving sales advice.

Chewie gives the run down on the CCC for May.

Waka dives into Ruiner for GTASC

Games Discussed:
- Call of Duty MW Remastered
- Yakuza 0
- Jackbox Party Games
- Star Wars: The Fallen Order
- Rise of Nations
- Dead Rising 4
- Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
- Rainbow Six Quarantine
- Door Kickers Action Squad
- Red Dead Redemption 2
- Wanted Raccoon


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