Achievement Hunting 101


Level 163 - Collector‘s Edition

September 9, 2021

Panel - Big Ell, KooshMoose, rawkerdude5012, FuFuCuddilyPoof

This Week's Topic - Do you buy collector's editions of games, and if so, which is your favoUrite?  If not, is there anything a collector's edition could do to make you buy it? - Erutaerc

On this LIVE episode, we talk extensively about collector's editions of games! Did we stop buying them as we got older? Listen and find out! Koosh played a fun boss rush game! rawker may have had clouded judgment when playing his game. Ell played a pair of Eastasiasoft gems!!! Kenny...picked the Fantasy Football draft order!

We talked about games coming....real soon, showed off our toys, and gave out game codes & money!

VCCCW - Vulgar & Chewie are back, back again, with your challenge info, tell a friend (1:39:47)

Waka's Weird Wonders - This week Waka goes over the game Neversong. (2:04:04)

Games Showcase:

Blitz Breaker
Cloud Gardens
Mechstermination Force
Rogue Explorer

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