Achievement Hunting 101


Level 127 - The Ellephant in the Room

December 31, 2020

This week's panel - FufuCuddilyPoof, Big Ell, KooshMoose, Vulgar Latin, puns

Vulgar Latin played some older games for the Backlog Blitz challenge, including some indie FPS nobody has ever heard of! Kooshmoose battled a Shadow of Mordor server closure and then did some swimming! FufuCuddilyPoof played some Gears of War, and then he played some more Gears of War! Big Ell put his foot in his mouth and may or may not have done some console command games?!?!? What possessed him to do such a thing? Find out in this action packed episode! 

Enjoy the show and have an excellent 2021!


Waka gives a roundup of the 2020 battle royale scene! (1:41:55)


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Intro music provided by Exe the Hero. Check out his band Window of Opportunity on Facebook and YouTube


Games Mentioned:
Animal Crossing (wait, what?)
Control (STACK~~~!!!!)
Gears of War 3
Gears of War: Judgement
Halo 4
LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity
Scott Pilgrim vs the World
Shadow of Mordor

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